Lumiere Riverside

Mã dự án: LMR

  • Mã căn: LMR
  • Địa chỉ: Thủ Đức (Quận 2)
  • Khu vực: 259 Xa Lộ Hà Nội, Quận 2, TP.HCM
  • Trạng thái: Đã bàn giao
  • Hướng: Không xác định

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Tiện ích

  • Hệ thống điện ổn định
  • Hệ thống nước ổn định
  • Bảo vệ 24/7
  • Internet cáp quang
  • Truyền hình cáp
  • Sân vườn
  • Sân chơi trẻ em
  • Chỗ đậu xe hơi
  • Lối đi cho người tàn tật
  • Công viên
  • Phòng tập gym
  • Hồ bơi
  • Thang máy
  • Máy phát điện dự phòng
  • Phòng sinh hoạt cộng đồng
  • Lễ tân
  • Hệ thống ga trung tâm
  • Thân thiện với thú cưng

Thông tin chi tiết

LUMIERE REIVERSIDE is an elegant showpiece based on our customer understanding philosophy. Our customers’ statements, senses and desire are crafted in every detail to bring Vietnam’s first Unique Leafscape Design residences to reality.

• The harmony of lifestyles - LUMIÈRE is at the heart of Thao Dien’s quiet neighborhood yet well connected to the bustling lifestyle of the city center.

• A natural lush green setting - LUMIÈRE welcomes you to the beauty of nature blended gracefully with luxury.

• The design motto that redefines Vietnam’s Luxury legacy - The result is LUMIÈRE, a unique, prestigious edifice that represents world-class talents and vision.

• A beauty that is poise and peerless -  LUMIÈRE is for those who appreciate the finest quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and timeless beauty

LUMIÈRE Riverside is a product of Masterise Homes' collaboration with renowned world-class international partners. It is a unique, prestigious edifice that represents Vietnam’s first Unique Leafscape Design and the pinnacle of new standards in luxurious living.

The LUMIÈRE riverside finished its remarkable and classy appearance in the center of Thao Dien in early November 2023.

Inspired by Leafscape architecture, LUMIÈRE riverside is an aesthetic masterpiece within the idea of nature, mastering elements of light, space, greenery and luxury. With vertical gardens, water pavilions, and lush green landscape, the residence offers a perfect harmony of mind and body, nature and nurture.

LUMIÈRE riverside is the last gem of Thao Dien neighborhood that offers conveniences at your doorstep with excellent connections via metro or highway and an abundance of amenities – international schools, hospitals, restaurants and more.

The project’s unique location offers direct views of both the city and river. A perfect blend of nature and modernity for a sophisticated lifestyle.

LUMIÈRE riverside is an architectural design that perfectly captures the graceful beauty of nature blended with luxury. Entering the residence feels like entering a botanical oasis of calmness and tranquility with large and lush green landscape and unique living green facades.

Residents of LUMIERE riverside will be able to enjoy the use of Metro Line 1 when they move in, creating even greater value. Moreover, with a truly diverse range of amenities and services, Thao Dien - An Phu attracts a community of expatriates from more than 20 countries who live an international lifestyle with their families. Masterise Homes provides world-class property management and operations services. The commitment to maintaining the international standards is what ensures the value of LUMIERE Riverside will appreciate over time.

Video introduces Lumiere Riverside

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